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So, I was thinking about posting a few things I'd made in a comment on the landcomm, 'cause I was talking about what I could do, but then I decided not to...





Limos and Couches (Heroes drabble. It's a bit crap but oh well.)
Do Not Leave Me Again (Merlin ficlet)

Darkest Blue (Doctor Who. Sort of a poem-y thing I wrote whilest high off sleep deprivation.)
Shy (Doctor Who/Merlin crossover. I was given a truly random ship, and then put my itunes on shuffle, and used the song that came up to write a fic. All things considered, I think I did alright. And again, I was drunk on sleep deprivation.

And, just for posterity's sake, drawings:[WARNING: HERE THAR BE A LITTLE BIT OF NUDITY]

[the above is a type of alien I made up last August. specifically with the Who!verse in mind.]